What's been holding you back in key areas: life, career or business, relationships, health or income? Find out here..
Unlock your relationship with money and learn about how your Sacred Money Archetypes create your unique beliefs, challenges and gifts. Throughout the quiz please use the following key: 1* - Strongly Disagree, 2* - Disagree, 3* - Neutral, 4* - Agree, 5* - Strongly Agree. The quiz will take around 8 minutes to complete and do answer honestly! You will be asked for your email address at the end so I can send you a personalised report.
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I am a generous person, often giving or loaning money to others *

I like calculating the pros and cons of taking a financial risk *

I often find myself coming to the aid of others, financially or otherwise *

I am willing to risk money for a potentially large financial gain *

Despite my best efforts, something often happens to complicate my life financially *

I secretly feel clever or even superior to others in relation to money *

I find myself waiting to be paid because of someone else's needs or reasons *

I like gaining the upper hand with money *

I love attracting money in magical or unconventional ways *

I love spending money on things that enhance my image or give me a lot of visability *

Making money isn't as important to me as creating a movement, making an impact or being involved in social change *

Always getting the best or being first - VIP seating, flying first class or getting the latest gadgets is important to me *

I feel a love/hate relationship with money *

I project an image of wealth and success that doesn't often match my bank account balance *

I believe it's greedy or not spiritual to focus too much on money *

It's easier for me to spend money on things like jewelry, restaurants, holidays etc than it is for me to save money *

I find it easy not to think about money *

I love saving money *

I often find myself being financially supported by others *

I find it difficult, even painful, to spend money *

I avoid facing money situations, hoping they will improve on their own *

I make sure to always live below my means *

I like it best when someone else takes care of the money details for me *

I find it difficult to trust others when investing my money *

I love frequently spending money on things because I feel I deserve them *

I never feel there's enough money and continue to create ways of making more *

I don't see the point in saving money, as life is to be enjoyed now *

I am reluctant to diversify or complicate my investments *

Money itself doesn't feel that serious to me *

I forgo spending money on things now, in order to invest in my future *

I love having luxurious experiences or an abundance of items *

I am highly ambitious and see money as a measurement of my success *

Being of service is more motivating than having more money *

At my most extreme the financial risks I can take put me in financial jeopody *

I can feel resentful that I don't make more money for all that I do *

I am comfortable with complex financial transations *

If someone needs my time I'll often give it, even if I'm not being paid *

Making money is a game I play to win *

At my most extreme I give to the point of enabling or creating debt or putting myself at financial risk *

Others can view my financial decisions as risky *

I believe people with money have unfair advantages in the world *

At my most extreme I create debt and spend lavishly in order to gain attention and recognition *

I am distrustful of people who focus too much on money *

I am confident with day to day money management even though I may have debt or find it difficult to save or invest *

Any investing I do needs to be with people or companies whose ideals match my own *

I love to stand out in the crowd and will use my purchases to help make that happen *

At my most extreme I am financially supported by someone else (or something else like a business, a spouse, a parent or a credit card) yet feel resentment or that the situation is unfair *

Being recognised for giving big to charities or social causes is important to me *

I wish I didn't have to think about making or managing money *

At my most extreme I limit my opportunities because of my fear of spending or investing money *

I have faith that somehow things will always work out financially *

I love buying things on sale or second hand items so I know I'm getting the best deal *

I don't feel a strong connection to money *

Saving a lot of money makes me feel safe and protected *

At my most extreme I feel overwhelmed or even helpless about money and wish the need for money would just disappear *

I feel a strong emotional connection to money *

I believe in living the good life, no matter what it costs *

At my most extreme I am never satisfeid with how much money I have and drive myself relentlessly to create more *

Since you can't take it with you, money is to be spent now *

I am typically decisive when it comes to money and its management *

My purchases make me feel better about myself *

I believe I'll be happy when I have more money (even though what I have now is more than I've had before) *

At my most extreme I spend money impulsively *

I fear losing control of or power over my money *

(Optional question) In which area of your life would you most like to see change? Health/Wellbeing, Wealth/Money, Relationships/Love, Career/Business

(Optional) What is your first name?

This is so that I can address your report to you personally.
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